E Bikes Conversion Kits – The Lowdown

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I am about as casual a bike rider as they come – whilst I own a bike, the thought of doing any more than I have to in order to get from A to B urges me to leave my bike at home 99% of the time. After all, why cycle up a hill completely out of breath, when I can just walk it in my own time? Long treks around the countryside that knacker my knees can be easily dealt with in the car, thank you very much.

The bicycle, for all its ecological friendliness, seems to be in the domain of the sporty or the masochistic. However, that is all set to change, as it seems that I am not alone in my love, but also disdain, of cycling.

For some great inventor somewhere on planet Earth, has done what we wish we could all do when trying to power up a slope with the wind and rain against us – that is to motorize the bicycle. Which is to say, the effort is taken off your piston-like legs and instead relying on the wonders of the electric motor to sail you uphill, past scores of your peers cycling on, panting for breath with the look of despair on their faces, wondering how you made it all look so easy.

So what is an electric bike?

Electricity and motor powering bikes are nothing new in some respects. Everybody knows about motorbikes, mopeds, scooters and even exercise bikes. They all have their place, so where exactly does this new-fangled electric bike come into play?

The idea behind electric bikes is simply to give the regular cyclist a boost when needed eg. dealing with horrendous slopes or rough ground. So you are riding the bicycle as normal, but now when faced with a challenging stretch of road, instead of gritting your teeth and soldiering on bravely, or simply getting off and walking, you can simply use the power of an electric motor to help you get those wheels turning more easily.

I remember we all used to joke about putting a rocket engine on our bike to help power ourselves along, but now it’s reality. You can go out and buy a bike with all the necessary functionality built in for electric bike riding. For the rest of us, we can take our own beloved old bicycles and convert them into the new super powerful electric bikes with an electric bike conversion kit.

Is an electric bike for me?

There are lots of great reasons to invest in an electric bike or the necessary gear to upgrade to one. For starters, if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, then an electric bike is a sensible option. It will encourage you to move your body and get about in one of the most exercising manners possible, but taking the strain for you on any difficult slopes or when you get tired. So you can enjoy the health benefits of going cycling without feeling like you’re in the Tour de France.

That having been said, you will still need to put the work in to get the most out of the bike. It isn’t a substitute for a moped, but it can take you on journeys that you might not have felt comfortable about due to length, strain or difficulty. If you are recovering from an injury, or are just getting on a bit, the extra oomph from the electric motor could make a world of difference to your easy of mobility.

So, if you are keen on getting outdoors and doing some purposeful exercise, or just need a hand with transportation, then the e-bike should definitely be looked into. If you just want to sit there and be taken places, then you might want to look elsewhere.

How does it work?

In order to convert a bicycle to an electric model, it is worth knowing a little about how it all works. Essentially one of the bicycle wheels is going to be connected to an electric motor, which in itself is powered by a rechargeable battery. So yes, we are now living in an age where we are powering a phone in one socket, and a bicycle in the other, both concepts that would have sounded ridiculous 50 years ago!

Of course the rider also has some controls connected to the whole mechanism in order to coax out the appropriate amount of power from the motor. However, some bike models gauge how fast you are pedalling and create a sufficient amount of power based on this. You can even choose not to pedal at all and just sit there, letting the motor take you wherever you need to be, but be warned that this is a great way to drain the battery, and you might have to be doing a lot more pedalling on the way back that you bargained for!

Considerations for buying or converting an e-bike

Because bikes are full of moving parts and require regular maintenance, one factor that makes consumers wary of electric bikes is the further gadgetry involved. However, the electric components on an e-bike aren’t anything too complicated – it’s just a motor and a battery – and don’t require much electronic savviness from yourself. Basically if you’re capable of buying an electric toothbrush, then you can get your head around the purchasing considerations for an electric bike.

First off the bat, you need to consider the adequacy of the battery and motor for your requirements, otherwise you’re going to find yourself out in the sticks having to pedal old-style when you didn’t want to. And the electronics only add to the weight of the bike, so you can’t be doing with that.

How much extra help do you realistically need for your cycling pursuits?

The more help you need, the more powerful the motor is going to have to be to assist you along your way. Bear in mind that legally there is an upper ceiling on the amount of power that the motor is able to deliver on an electric bike, and your local jurisdiction will set a maximum speed requirement before it is classed as a road vehicle. Anyway, if you really do need a vehicle to take you over 20mph over flat surfaces you’d be better off investing in a scooter.

How far are you expecting to travel?

Check the manufacturer’s claims to see how far the battery can propel with the motor’s power requirement before gasping out. Some batteries can manage a good 50 miles, but this is of course relational to the amount of power the motor can deliver and how often you are going to have to bump up the output of the motor.

How do you expect to operate it?

As mentioned above, some electric bikes have controls for the rider to operate, others monitor your rate of pedalling and make an informed guess as to how much assistance you need.

Availability of spare parts

You probably aren’t going to wear out anything that’s in a good quality e-bike conversion kit too quickly, but bear in mind that rechargeable batteries don’t last forever, and in a few years these could be wearing out more quickly than when you originally purchased.

So let’s get converting!

There are many great tutorials and videos on how to upgrade your humble existing bicycle into a modern electric powered luxury ride, so there’s no need to get into that on this page whilst there are experts out there who can explain it much better than I can. So see what they have to say and come back here when you are ready to look at the right sort of e-bike conversion kit to buy.

The best bet for beginners

ReaseJoy 36V 250W 26” Rear Wheel

It couldn’t get any easier converting with this ebike kit, since it even comes with a replacement rear wheel all ready and rigged up to go! (That is assuming your bike has 26” wheels, and many do.) An easy-to-use conversion kit that represents excellent value for a low price.



The stylish option

Flying Bike’s Tail

This is a very neat setup that sells itself on its portability. The unit is compatible with any bike that has a rear rack, since this is where it is designed to sit. Ready to use out of the box, and very neatly designed, even with its carry case, this is a versatile bit of kit that is worth every penny.



For entering turbo mode

Aosom 26” Rear Wheel 48V 1000W

A high spec and high powered affair that will take you all the way up to 28mph, a mere whisker below the metropolitan speed limit in some countries! If you want to display the ultimate in power and prowess, this has to be your number one choice.



So if you want to enjoy cycling without all the straining, puffing and aching, then there hasn’t been a better time than now to get investing in an electric bike kit and steering your way to victory!